Hello everyone,

Mila Iesanu

I'm Mila, a self-employed veterinary surgeon based in Scotland.

I work in the UK veterinary industry:

  • as a veterinary surgeon, doing locum work and online consulting,
  • as an Official Veterinarian, certifying paperwork for pet travel and animal products export,
  • as a veterinary content creator, writing, editing and proofreading texts on veterinary topics.

Healthy Information is my company.

Who I work for:

My clientele consists mostly of veterinary practices, pet insurance companies, academia, publishers, and veterinary telemedicine providers.

But I'm happy to team up with organisations from any industry as long as it concerns projects that require veterinary knowledge combined with creative communication skills.

Head to  the about me page to see how I ended up doing all these various things.

Check the work with me page to read the practical bits and bobs that are important for a collaboration.

Use the form on the contact page to get in touch with me, I appreciate all ideas and feedback.